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    Tableau Forecast not working...

    Chris Henderson

      Hi All,


      I have a seemingly straight forward problem. I have a chart, with date and quantity in it. I produce a line chart which details the quantity sold by month. I have data for the last 16 months. I wanted to add a forecast line in until the end of the year. When I did this the forecast line just turns into a straight line....


      I have not idea why this is happening. (Screen shot attached)


      Any help would be much appreciated!


      Chris22-07-2013 11-03-28.png22-07-2013 11-08-12.png

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          Rafi B

          Hi Chris,


          Please check the quality of forecast in "Describe Forecast" option, you will surely understand the trend over there if the quality is no good and in case if quality of Forecast is Good then I guess the behavior is as expected. However if you want to cross check my suggestion would be to change the database values and observe the Trend.





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            Tracy Rodgers

            Hi Chris,


            Part of the issue may be that there is not enough data. The following information may give some more insight:


            Must have good data and the correct model for your data.

            • If the quality of your forecast is poor, the process generating your data might not match the four models available in Tableau or the random variance in your data might be too high. In this case, you cannot trust the Precision of your forecast to be correct.
            • For example, the seasonal swings in your sales may be impacted by the amount of sales. But, the seasonal component of the current Tableau model assumes these factors are independent. So, in this case, you may get a better forecast if you force Tableau not to try to model seasonality.