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    Setting Default Font Size/Type

    Nat Lutz

      Is it possible to change the default font size and type for all Tableau worksheets or even make it set for any instance you start? The default size of 8 seems crazy to me and it gets tedious to have to change it on every single view. Almost everything else I work with (including this site) defaults to 10.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Nat, we all share your pain! At this point there isn't a way to set/change defaults. And yes in this day of hi-rez monitors 8 seems crazy to me too. Tableau never (well almost never) reveals anything about their development road map, so no telling (literally) when this will be fixed. Having attended the 2012 customer conference I do know they are well aware of the issue. So I can only surmise someone is working on it as we speak.


          Why is it taking so long you might ask. Well in the Devs Unplugged session I caught a glimpse of their development philosophy. I'm paraphrasing but rather than fixing/implementing features here and there as they come up, they step back and take a long view asking what's the best way to handle formatting defaults in total, rather than how can we let them set default font sizes. Is it best to use templates? Is it best to allow them to set defaults using a series of dialog boxes and how do you describe each possible place in the UI that gets/needs a default. Have you ever tried to set all your Windows defaults by hand?


          So it's a bigger task than it might seem at first glance, but yes it would be nice to know that this is actually being worked on, and that it will be released soon.



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            Matt Francis

            Yes, kind of.


            Create a new workbook.


            Change all the settings to how you like them, font size, colours etc.


            Save it as template.tbw


            Then in windows explorer find the workbook, right click on it and set it to read only.


            Now, if you double click on that template file to launch Tableau your defaults will be set.


            Theres more info here in my blog Wannabe Data Rock Star: Create a default Tableau Template

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Thanks Matt! I missed that post. I'll try it out.



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                Toby Erkson

                Nice work Matt