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    Sharing views with user slicing/dicing

    Mayur Upalekar

      I am a newbie to Tableau. I have a requirement that a user should be able apply marks, filters, other slice/dice to a Tableau Server view he is interested in & then share that with other users as a web link so that someone else can come & see the slice/dice applied by the first user.


      In my mind by looking at the JavaScript APIs Tableau provides the above mentioned functionality can be achieved by capturing the filters/marks a user applies on a view as he slices/dices through the data. When the user wishes to share the slice/dice on the view his filters/marks are saved with a View ID which the user can share with other users. The settings with the View ID will be applied to the view when they view the data next time.


      Please let me know if there is existing functionality for what I am trying to achieve.