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    Issues with exporting PDF from Tableau Public

    Jerry Wetherall

      When exporting a PDF of a dashboard view in Tableau Public, you have the choice of exporting the dashboard or individual sheets in the dashboard.  This appears to work fine (although the first attempt seems to come up a blank page rather than the save-open PDF dialog box. Subsequent attempts are generally successful.   BTW, I'm using Firefox 22.0.


      Also, yesterday I was successful in exporting a PDF of a modified view of a dashboard worksheet. Specifically, in a worksheet showing a graph for each of 3 dimension members, I selected and kept only one of them, then exported a PDF showing just the viz with the selected graph.  When I tried this today I was unsuccessful.  The save-open dialog for the PDF file does not appear in the browser, only a blank page.


      Seems like there's some flaky behavior here.  Anybody else have similar experience?  Solutions? Workarounds?


      Thank you.