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    How to rotate Pie Chart?

    Sk Safi

      Hi Team,


      How to rotate Pie Chart?


      Suppose two colors is there in Pie.

      Upper part is blue and lower part is red.


      Now how to Rotate upper part(blue) to lower ? 


      Plz give some light.




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          Jim Wahl

          Change the order of the colors in the color legend?

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            Jonathan Drummey

            Underlying what Jim said, the general technique is to change the sort order of the dimensions or discrete measures that are making the pie segments.

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              Sk Safi

              Hi Jim,Jonathan,


              My requirment is different.


              Ex :

              There are two countries(India,USA) present in a Pie.

              Now product sell is kept at angle shelf .

              Now 'India' is coming at 90-180 location of the pie.


              If we change the order from color legend then the location of 'India' will be 0-90.

              But I want to relocate 'India' at 270-360 location.


              So how to do so?




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                Jim Wahl

                I don't quite understand your description.


                If you only have country on the color shelf with only two dimensions (India and US) and a measure of 90 for India and 270 for US, then it seems like you'll have two slices 0 to 90 degrees and 270 to 360, which you can switch by changing the sort order of the country dimension.


                When you say the India slice is being displayed from 90 to 180, then the US slices if 180 to 90?


                Perhaps you could post a sample packaged twbx file that shows the problem. ...



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                  Sk Safi

                  PFA the screen shot

                  Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 1.26.59 PM.png

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                    Jim Wahl

                    I take it the "after" is what you're goal and the before is what you have in Tableau?


                    I don't think you can easily get the after view. Tableau tries to enforce data viz best practices, which in pie charts I expect is to start at 0 degrees.


                    You could, of course, fake it by creating another dimension (US-2) for the 0 to 90 degree part and use the same color as for the 180 to 360 segment. If this is for a live view, you'd probably want to create calculated fields with the proper totals / percentages.


                    The easiest approach depends on your data--do you always have two countries? Is one of them always the US or India. Is the position fixed for that country, ...


                    I'd probably ask myself whether I really need to have the segment start at 90 degrees rather than 0 degrees. Or if you could use something besides a pie chart. ...