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    Can I Change the Way Week Names Display on Line Chart?

    Matt Lutton

      I have a workbook in which a line chart is showing a value over time (by week).  It was originally set up to be based on the calendar week, so it would say "Week 27", "Week 28", etc.  We have created a field to return a value based on the school's term.  Each term has 8 weeks, so the values range from 1-8, depending on which term is selected.


      However, for a line chart, a Date field is required.  Is there any way I can change the way the line chart displays the week names?  If I try to use the week value we created, it creates a bar chart, for reasons mentioned previously.  Just curious if you know of a way to resolve this small issue.  Any workarounds?


      Attached is a screenshot of the original sheet, then the result when using the TermWeek value we created in the data source.


      Appreciate the help, as always!  Thanks guys.

      Line Chart Week Display Question.png


      Line Chart Week Display Question 2.png

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          Matt Lutton

          Thanks to Jonathan Drummey, I was able to resolve this.  When I said you MUST have a Date field for a line chart to work, I was referring to the "Show Me" option which suggests charts...


          Jonathan's response sums up how to resolve this problem, should anyone ever run into a similar scenario in the future:

          "Show Me will require certain pill types/data types, and when you have the Mark Type set to Automatic Tableau will make choices based on the pill types/data types. However, you can always manually set your own Mark Type for most anything, though not all pill types/data types make sense. So, line charts *don't* require a date field.


          You can have a line chart with continuous and/or discrete pills on Rows and Columns. There are some restrictions about connecting line sections when you have more than one discrete pill on the same shelf (Rows or Columns), but that's about it."