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    Reference Line Question

    Kim Cataldo

      Hello Everyone,


      I am relatively new to Tableau and am looking for some guidance on a dashboard I am working on.  The dashboard consists of court statistics related to protection from abuse filings (similar to a restraining order).


      1. I would like to add a reference line to worksheet 3) Disposition Outcomes that displays the average per class of county depending on which county is selected.  (Think of class of county as a dimension similar to region, but it is based on population size instead of geographic location.)  I am not sure how to create a calculated field that would display an average based on a specific dimension, and not the overall total.

      2. Similar to my first question, I would like to add reference line to worksheet 5) Single County Trend Line that displays the class of county average.  I did this is worksheet 4) by creating a dummy variable in my data for the statewide totals.  I imagine there must be a better way to display aggregate values by dimension.

      3. For worksheet 1) Two Views %, is there a way to have the title change when a different measure is selected from the parameter?  Or, is there way to have a caption pop up only a certain measure is selected?


      Feel free to provide any comments on the overall functionality of the dashboard.  Critiques are welcome!  Thank you!


      -Kim Cataldo