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    Recreating the NFL Passer Rating

    Ryan Chauvin

      So I'm working on some football Viz-es and I'd like to recreate the NFL passer rating formula in Tableau's calculated fields (seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passer_rating), but I'm having some problems. I decided to break down the formula to its four parts in an attempt to keep it under control.


      I've got all the requisite data (Completions, Pass Attempts, Yards, Touchdowns, Interceptions), and I think I've got the component pieces entered correctly (formulas below), but I can't figure out how to implement the Min/Max for each part. The Min for each part (A-D) is 0, the max, 2.375.


      Could someone please show me how to set up the formula to reflect that? The twbx file is attached, if that helps. Thanks!


      Passer Rating A: (((SUM([Completions] ))/(SUM([Pass Attempt]))-.3)*5)


      Passer Rating B: ((((SUM([Passing Yards]))/SUM([Pass Attempt]))-3)*.25)


      Passer Rating C: (((SUM([Passing Touchdown]))/SUM([Pass Attempt]))*20)


      Passer Rating D:  (2.375-(((SUM([Interception]))/(SUM([Pass Attempt])))*25))


      Overall: (([Passer Rating A]+[Passer Rating B]+[Passer Rating C]+[Passer Rating D])/6)*100