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    Bar chart - Bars above and below x-axis

    Louis Keating

      Hey Fine Tableau folk,


      I'm trying to replicate a graph that appears in the Facebook stats. I've previously replicated it in Excel by making two separate bar charts and flipping one upside down.


      Is there a clever way to do this with one bar chart? Any ideas?


      Thanks for your help!




      Here's the goal:



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          Joshua Milligan



          You can do this fairly easily in Tableau.  The trick is to use two measures to get two different axes and then reverse the scale on one of them (right click the axis and select "Edit Axis" -- see screenshot for this option below).  Also, you'll want to fix both axes so the scales are the same.


          Titanic Survivors.png

          (Your best chance on the Titanic was to be a woman [and a first class passenger])



          Edit Axis.png