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    Overlaying Charts with Different Date Aggregations

    Dan Meier

      Is is possible to overlay charts with different date aggregations?


      I'd like to create two separate charts using the same data set, then overlay them.  The first chart is averages by week.  The second chart is averages by quarter.  The mash-up should show both overlaid on the same chart, displaying the quarter on the axis labels.  I've attached a JPEG showing the viz I'm looking for.


      Implementing this using moving averages doesn't quite work since the axis labels are restricted to the smaller date aggregation.  Paring a week aggregation with a 13-week (quarter) moving average gives the look I want, but the axis labels are in weeks rather than quarters.


      It seems this gets really complicated when the date aggregations for the two parts are totally different:  i.e., a monthly average paired with, say, a 6-week moving average -- all displayed with months as the axis label.  While it's conceivable to mash up weeks and quarters (since a quarter is just 13 weeks), months and weeks are really incompatible.


      I've tried creating two separate charts, setting a transparent background to one and overlaying it onto another within a dashboard, but apparently you can't overlay charts in dashboards.  (Too bad!)


      I've attached a workbook with data and separate sheets with the weekly and quarterly data.  If anyone has a brilliant idea, I'd love to hear it!  Many thanks in advance!!