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    Removing space between Y axis and chart

    Ed Henke

      Hi folks! Quick question here, with *hopefully* a quick answer. I'm trying to move the Y axis/labels closer to the actual chart. As it, it looks like Tableau pads the graph with a certain amount of white space. I'd like to be able to adjust this without shrinking the chart... is there a way?


      I can post a screenshot if this doesn't make sense, but hopefully the explanation will suffice.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Ed,


          Sorry for the delay in receiving a response! I happened to run into this today, but in the opposite direction--I wanted my title further away from the axis--to do this, I just add a couple of spaces in front of my axis title. Not sure how you can make them closer together. Maybe change the size of your fonts--although this doesn't seem to work too well. Maybe a good one for the Ideas section.