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    Selecting Multiple Attributes and Only bringing back results that match All Attributes

    John Roper

      Greetings all, I have attached a workbook utilizing the superstore subset data. I have arranged the data to show two dimensions - "Category" and "Container". I have it saved highlighting the "Large Box" Container and the "Medium Box" Container. My visualization highlights all Categories that correspond or correlate to either the "Large Box" Container OR the "Medium Box" Container. My goal is to only bring back or highlight Categories that correspond or correlate to Both the "Large Box" Container AND the "Medium Box" Container. In this example, I no longer want the "Copiers and Fax", the "Scissors, Rulers and Trimmers", "Tables", nor "Telephones and Communication" categories to show up in my results because they do not correlate to both Containers I have selected.


      Any guidance or help anyone can offer to help me be able to achieve my desired result would be greatly appreciated!