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    Identify duplicates in a text field using fuzzy matching

    Siraj Samsudeen

      I have a supplier database on which I am trying to do some Data Quality reports. The 2 fields that I want to audit are

      1. Supplier Name

      2. Supplier City


      For Supplier Name, I want to find if the same supplier has been entered twice. But I do not want an exact match, but a fuzzy match. Is there any way to do this in Tableau?


      I face the same problem in Supplier City also, but there I was able to use the map to help me figure out issues. When I plotted a map using City, I got a list of entries for which no match is found. This pointed to some of the wrong spellings. Also, when a city has 2 possible spellings like Geneve & Geneva, then the map plots 2 circles with 2 different count, using which I could figure out there is a problem. Is there any other way to validate the supplier city information to find duplicates?