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    Can't hide sheet

    Jie Hao

      I created a few dashboard and would like to hide sheet. I can hide all sheets except one. Just couldn't find the option "hide sheet". I have tried to recreate the sheet or duplicate from other sheet....but still.....can't hide this one....Please see the screenshot. Looks like the option disappeared. And I can't delete this one...anyone helps? Thanks.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Jie,


          You'll only be able to hide a worksheet if it is placed on a dashboard. Double check that the above sheet actually is on a dashboard. And on the flip side, you're only able to delete a worksheet if it is NOT on a dashboard.


          Hope this helps!



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            Jie Hao

            Thank you Tracy. You are obsolutely correct. I did attach a wrong worksheet to my dashboard.

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              Atul Raut

              In case you would like to Hide a worksheet which is a WIP for your design work but you dont want to publish the workbook with this WIP sheet - Go ahead and add that worksheet in any (relevant) dashboard and put fixed height (2 or 3 pixels). Doing this will you will be able to go back to WIP worksheet and hide that sheet from appearing on the tabs.