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    Currently Being Moderated...

    Shawn Wallwork

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          Joe Mako

          Dustin Smith ,

          Clearly there is no doubt that the Tableau Community is broken, meaning the software is getting in the way of the Job-to-be-done.


          Is there a road-map or any kind of plan to fix the Tableau Community?


          Do you still plan to keep to Jive? If you plan to keep Jive, do you have the resources to fix the code?


          What will it take to get a Tableau Community that enables the people to connect, to ask questions, to answer questions, and to find answers?


          When will the software of the Tableau Community support the purpose of the Tableau Community?


          What can we do to help?

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            Dustin Smith

            Hi Shawn,


            Sorry you got frustrated on this.  The email I sent on Friday outlined which words were getting blocked and which words were getting sent to moderation.  Because we are continuing to get spammers hitting the forums and because they are indeed reading posts I removed the image from your above reply since it revealed specifically how we're fighting back.


            I fully understand that the current state of heightened moderation is not desirable, however having the front page slammed every few minutes with 100 posts linking to bootleg video sites is definitely less desirable.



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              Allan Walker

              Shawn - nice picture.


              I'm currently unable to post in the forum, but seem to be able to post here, and in the Idea section.  Is the ban hammer at work?



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                Suz Carter

                Hi, I'm new to Tableau and this community -

                It's a bummer when spammers make things difficult for everybody else.

                Appreciate what you're doing to protect the forum