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    Count missing values in Tableau


      Hi All,


      I am trying to show how many unfilled positions we have, and having trouble counting missing values.


      The dataset contains the following:

      - region

      - store name

      - jobtitle

      - other stuff


      Not sure it matters, but because of the other stuff I have in the dataset, each person apprears more than once in the data.


      I want to create a table that shows how many missing positions exist by region. Assumption is that each store should have at least one person in each of the roles. The header should look like this:


      Region | # stores | job1 | job2

      A           20            2         5

      B           50            1         7


      So we see that in region A there are 20 stores, 2 don't have job1 filled and 5 don't have job2 filled.


      Any help would be appreciated. I tried the ZN() function, ISNULL() function, but can't seem to get what I need.