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    Custom Sales Region Shapefiles

    Eric Wright

      Good Afternoon Everyone,


      I am looking to create a filled polygon map of the U.S based on custom sales districts. In my data set the only geographical field I have is Zipcode. I have been able to use window calculations and parameters to compare these districts based on certain sales metrics, however, it takes a very long time to load the visual. In order to speed this up I want to create a map the allows me to compare these districts without having to include zipcode in the level of detail. I do not have a shapefile of these regions nor do I know how to make one (which seems to be the consensus as I read the forum). Any insight is highly appreciated.




      Eric Wright

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          Dan Cory

          Eric -

          Sorry there's no simple way to do this in Tableau. I'd love to see your example if you are able to share it with me.





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            Allan Walker

            Hi Eric,


            You could use the ZCTA postcode as a SHP file as a background layer using a local WMS server (e.g. Geoserver), as you don't wish to have this in the level of detail.  I'd advise you use PostgreSQL with PostGIS and load the ZCTA shapefile into that, and then connect that table to Geoserver.


            The background layer will look something like this: ZCTA shapefile served as a WMS background


            For Shawn.png


            And you'll need USA Admin 0.  Both files are available on the Tiger website.  I'd advise styling these as white with a grey outline, you could use AtlasStyler to create the SLD.


            You could then load up your custom shapefile as a foreground layer (datasource) to perform the analysis.


            Best Regards,