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    Inviting all .net developers to join following open source project . https://tableaurestapi.codeplex.com/

    ratnesh singh

      This project will provide a API to solve many problems.


      1)Exposing all functions of tabcmd and tabadmin through rest API.

      2)since tabcmd and tabadmin are not readable (means if we want to get list of all sites )

      we will use tableau pgsql DB and expose readonly matters .

      3)It will be a restAPI .

      4)All extract infos.

      5)refreshing extracts , reports , scheduling

      6)pre warm URLs after extract refresh.

      7)incremental update

      8)get image of reports and summarized csv data with all filter options.

      9)xml response of report so that iframe will not required for embedding.

      Target to complete in 2 weeks if we can get 2-3 hands.

      Check out Sourcecode (VS2010) from