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    Logarithmic tick marks, logarithmic bins, and coloured parts of background in a plot


      I want to create a plot like the picture attached, and put scatter plot circles on it based on 2 measures.


      I have some specific problems to solve for this:


      1. The Y-axis. Logarithmic I can make it, with range from 1 to 1000 and tick marks at each power of 10. But a normal such plot starts at the origin with the value 1, and I want another 'section' from  1 down to 0.


      2. The X axis. Even worse here. I read about bins and try to figure it. Each 'section' of the x axis is logarithmic in itself, from 0 to 1,   from 1 to 5,   from 5 to 25  and so on, but as you can see the axis as a whole is not logarithmis in the normal way.


      3. Some parts of the background are to be custom colored (but with constant colors, not depending on any measure).


      Does anyone have pointers for how to achieve this?