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    Parse Total Field through Calculation

    Minat Verma

      I have Dimension with 2 distinct Values, So tableau Parses two Columns or Rows or Color.

      I want to add a third value which represent 3rd Value (Row or Column or Color ) as Total.

      I used Below Calculation as insight to the formula.


      if [Country] = 'India' then 1

      elseif [Country] = 'USA' then 2

      elseif ([Country] = 'India' or [Country] = 'US' ) then 3



      Naturally the Above formula doesn't works.Can I have a working Alternative?


      Column country has only 2 distinct Values: India, US.


      I cannot use table Calculation as I am using Multiple Measures (mostly Growth related like QoQ, YoY etc) in my Sheet.

      So linear Table calculations wont fit either.