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    Data extract location - is it possible to make it relative?

    Siraj Samsudeen

      I am using an extract to exchange data with a colleague with whom I am collaborating on creating reports using Tableau. We have a share folders in Dropbox and I have stored both the TWB file and the data extract file in that dropbox folder. But when the tableau file is opened on my colleague's machine, there is a prompt saying that the extract is not found because Tableau has hardcoded the entire path of the file. Now we manage by locating the extract, but this process is inefficient that each time we have to open the file, we have to start by locating the extract file. Is there a way to tell Tableau to work with relative file paths?

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          Hi Siraj,


          A while ago my team and I faced this similar situation. I have not found a perfect solution, but it has resolved with a new refresh on my side. You can refer this Workbook asking to "Locate the Extract" every day. discussion of mine with experts here.


          Please check to see if your colleague does have permission(read/write/execute) to access the dropbox folder where you have your workbook and extract. Also, you can locate the extract, save the workbook and make a refresh once, on your machine(If it doesnot prompt you to locate the extract). By doing this on your machine, it may not prompt your colleague to locate the extract.


          Please share if you find a solution in future, it will be helpful.


          Hope this helps.