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    tableau legend  truncated




      When copy my woksheet to Word the legend gets truncated...

      Now its not possible to read..


      Really disappointed, made my report within a day but now I am already 2 days bussy to export the work made in Tableau and import it in Word and still its not perfect. Tables getting disfigured and ugly


      Can some one help me out with the legend?

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          Dana Withers

          How are you copying your worksheet to Word?

          Can you make your legend single column?

          Is this screenshot from a dashboard or a sheet only? Does it make a difference if you export through a dashboard?

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            I tried:

            - Export JPG

            - Export PNG

            - Screenshot

            - Menu Option > Dashboard > Copy Image


            The first tree didnt worked out for me. The last one 'copy image' true the menu worked out for me.


            The only thing is that the text from the legend gets truncated. In my worksheet it is right but after copying the image its truncated.:



            After copy:




            The next thing is a table and a graph in one. Excel has this function. Tableau not I gues.


            What i do at the moment is:


            - 1 worksheet a table

            - 1 worksheet a graph


            Then put it on a dashboard:


            The table, without showing  the header.

            The graph, with the legend.


            Then i need to made it fit. The result:



            what i like to have is the collour squar in my table header..:



            It looks better if you ask me. But how to accomplish?

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              Dana Withers

              Hi Bart,


              Question 1 I can answer - Attached is an export from my dashboard that does not truncate the legend entries. All you need to do is set the legend to use single column format. (click the little dropdown => arrange items => single column).


              The second question I've no idea about. I've not come across a setting that allows switching around the name and the colour. I don't find it massively better looking though (sorry private opinion - I think it flows better if the colour comes first followed by the explanation followed by the content of your table. If I can come up with something further though I'll let you know.


              Hope this helps,


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                & I think your right but the disadvantage is that the legend is currently not in a table.

                The legend also in a table looks better if you ask me (in relation to the other table).

                P.s. Nederlands zo te zien?