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    Tableau server: Problem publishing workbooks or data sources (Version 8.0)


      I am having difficulty with publishing to Tableau Server Version 8.0.0 (Build 8000.13.0319.1225). I am aware of the advice posted HERE however this appears not to work for me.


      I am have a workbook containing 2 data sources (1 is a query , the other a straight view). The database is Postgres v9.2. There are 4 dashboards and about 20 worksheets in my workbook loaded from Tableau Desktop version 8.0.


      I get the following error :

      An error occurred when publishing the workbook.

      Internal Error

      Response code: 500

      Tableau Server encountered an unknown error.


      Unsure what to do next. Cannot find any useful advice on how to resolve this. Any help much appreciated.