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    Custom Sort functionality

    Ranjita Radhakrishna



      I have a report which contains 4 columns - Title, Release Date, Fiscal Release year and Talent. Right now, sort is enabled only for Title column in alphabetical order. I would like to know if it is possible to sort by release date or genre as well since that is the required functionality for the end user.


      Is there a way to sort second and third columns of a report in Tableau?


      Thanks a lot!

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          Tj Claridge

          Hey Ranijita,


          Yes. I believe what you are attempting to do is called a nested sort. Try checking out this link on how to approach this and let us know if this worked for your case.




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            Ranjita Radhakrishna

            Hi Claridge,


            Thanks for your response. I tried nested sort for my report and it works fine. But the actual requirement is that when the user clicks on the sort button for each column, sort should work.

            In nested sort, one cannot dynamically sort the values.

            Is there a way to sort all columns dynamically when the workbook is published onto Tableau server?




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              Tj Claridge

              Ahhh... Yeah sorting across several dimensions is not exactly intuitive as to how it is sorting and doesn't report back as many expect. And based on your comment it appears you are using multiple metrics as well (multiple columns) which makes it even more difficult because users will want to sort on any of them.


              I have not found a solution to this. But that doesn't mean there isn't one.


              But you should always ask if there a reason as to why the user needs to dynamically sort this information at a low level of detail. The other way to approach is to break this into separate views and use each prior view as a filter to the others to give the user a drill-down feel. They click on a region and the next view filters to only that region and allows them to sort here. Another click on that graph will filter the next drill-down view to allow sorting... ect.


              Not perfect but I always try to simplify it as opposed to over-complicate it.

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                Ranjita Radhakrishna

                Yeah you are right. I have mutiple columns - Title, Release Date, Genre and Talent. I need to sort by Release Date and Genre. I have tried using the approach mentioned in this article:


                I created two parameters for Sort by Release Date. But tableau is not recognizing sort by date due to the format I think(mm/dd/yyyy).


                Do you have any insights for this issue? Thanks again for your response!