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    Conditional parameter

    Robin Goibert

      Hi everyone,


      In fact, I'm trying to do a "Only Relevant values" with parameter.

      My problem comes from the fact that I need to have sheet from multiple data source in the same dashboard, and with the same filter.


      As I can't do "selected worksheet" to filters, i used parameters to do that (a parameter which value are those of the field [Industry] and a calculated field : ([Parameters].[Industry] == " ") OR [Industry] == ([Parameters].[Industry])


      Thanks to this, I succeeded to filter several worksheets from several data source with the only oen filter (here in fact only one parameter).


      My problem now is that I use 2 or more parameters as filter, and I would like to do the equivalent of "Only Relevant Values" to the parameters.


      For my example, I have a parameter which select Industry, and one which select Segment (Segment is like a sub-Industry). I've thought about making lots of Segment parameter (one for each Industry) and one parameter which select the parameter Segment I need to use (depending on the value of Industry).

      But I don't find how to make a "parameter of parameter". Is that possible?

      Otherwise, do you see any solution?


      Thank you in advance,


      Best Regards,


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          Jonathan Drummey

          I don't know of any way to dynamically limit parameter options. One workaround that will work across data sources is to use a Filter Action. You could have the Indistry done as a parameter, and then have that filter across your data sources and also filter an additional worksheet that shows the Segments for the chosen parameter. That worksheet would have a Filter Action that applies across all worksheets on the dashboard (you can set that up with the "Use as Filter" option from the worksheet's menu on the dashboard).



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            Robin Goibert

            Thank you a lot Jonathan, it works and the solution is quite simple !!


            Just to be sure, in my dashboard i have two worksheets, but none have the segment field, to implement your solution I need to add a third worksheet with the segments' names (filter by the Industry parameter)?


            Anyway, thank you for your quick answer!!



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              Jonathan Drummey

              Yes, you'll add the third worksheet and then set up the Filter Action.



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                Sunil Bairam

                Hi Jonathan,

                Hope you are doing good, Is there any way we can get the value of the selected item filter so that depending on that I can get relevant values in another filter.




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                  Jonathan Drummey

                  Hi Sunil,


                  It's not possible to get an only relevant values view of a parameter. There are two ways you can show only the relevant values:


                  1) Use the Only Relevant Values option on a quick filter.

                  2) Use quick filters or Filter Action worksheets (i.e. a worksheet that is built to be used as a source for a Filter Action that then targets other worksheet(s)) that target a Filter Action worksheet. The second Filter Action worksheet is then filtered by the prior selection.