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    Force browser to launch in mobile mode for tableau server

    Craig Dewar

      We are exploring a citrix solution to allow users to browse tableau server from outside the corporate network.


      We are setting up a browser app (sorry - corporate standard is IE8) that runs in full screen mode and links straight to the tableau server login.


      However test users are finding it very hard to use the controls on their mobile devices, and I would like to know if there is a way of forcing the browser always be set to 'mobile' mode so that the filter controls appear like they do if you navigate to the tableau site from a mobile browser app. And if IE8 is a no go is there any other browsers that are ok to force?


      I can demonstrate using this tableua public page: http://www.tableausoftware.com/public/gallery/2012-race-state-match-polls


      this is filter selection when not using a mobile device:


      desktop filter.png

      and this is the image using a mobile device:  (much easier to use - especially if you've got fat fingers!)


      mobile filter.png


      PS - Please don't think im a romney fan!


      PPS - Is 'In a Place' - Forums (43 Followers)  the right option when posting, or should I be selecting 'The Tableau Support Community Community' ?