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    Filter "all" view on Dashboard

    Beatriz Woods

      Hi. I'm new to the forum and new to Tableau. I'm still learning and formatting so please don't judge my dashboard images too harshly.


      I want to view a graph differently when choosing "All" from my Filter.


      In our organization,

      • Districts are made of States (geographic)
      • States are made of Locals


      I have Dimensions with that hierarchy

      07-09-2013 11-42-52 AM.png


      When we were testing and showing the dashboard to people, we were showing it to the District level staff. The following setup worked to choose by District because it showed the states in alphabetical order by District depending on what we chose from the quick filter.


      07-09-2013 11-49-29 AM.png

      07-09-2013 11-47-54 AM.png


      If I am a District 1 staff person, I know my states and starting with CT makes sense to me.


      However, when I choose All, I get this.


      07-09-2013 11-51-38 AM.png

      07-09-2013 11-52-35 AM.png

      Our National level officers think of our states in Districts and want to view the states by their District order (as they are grouped in the hierarchy.


      I do know away to accomplish this is is by dragging the District Filter pill to the Rows.


      07-09-2013 12-37-20 PM.png


      My problem with this is, our audience is mostly District people and they'll be looking at their data in their districts.


      I don't want to take up the real estate with that hanging District 1 on the side. It gets even worse when I'm drilled down to the Local level on the dashboard itself.

      07-09-2013 12-42-41 PM.png

      What I want is this when I've got a District selected from the filter.


      07-09-2013 12-51-57 PM.png


      And this when I've selected All

      07-09-2013 12-54-23 PM.png


      07-09-2013 12-56-28 PM.png


      Is that possible?