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    Authoring - save and save as

    Julia Hennelly

      I am trying to set up a workbook that can be edited but not overwritten.  I have read blogs on how to do this but must be missing a step as I can not get it to work.  I have a workbook published in a project for which a named user has rights to edit and save as.  Only denied permissions are Save and Delete.  I then set up a project called user workbooks where the same named user has full rights.  When I logon to the server as the user I can edit the workbook but do not have any save options at all.  My preference would be to have save as only but not sure that is possible in this release.



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          Tina Matt

          Hey Julia,


          I am facing the same issue. Were you able to find a solution for this.


          Can you please help share your findings..




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            Matt Lutton

            First, I may not fully understand your question/dilemma, so forgive me if I am not much help here.


            If they have "Write/Web Save" permissions, this refers to Web authoring/editing on the web or saving over the original workbook.  You'll want that set to DENY..


            The Download/Web Save As permission means they can download the workbook to desktop and edit however they want.  It doesn't necessarily mean they can re-publish or override the workbook, I don't believe.


            So, if they have download/save as permissions, but cannot PUBLISH and Write/Web Save is set to DENY, then you will have provided the rights you want, I believe (assuming you are wanting the user to be able to download the workbook and make changes to it, but not re-publish).  They can download the workbook, but they can't override the published workbook on Server.


            This is my understanding.  Someone can correct me if I've gone wrong anywhere.


            This is helpful in understanding the various permissions: Permissions


            NOTE: I am seeing that "Download/Web Save As" specifies this in the link I provided:

            This permission also determines the user's or group's ability to save an edited workbook on Tableau Server. 


            I'm not 100% sure what that means.  I believe this refers to web editing, but I'm not really clear on that.


            Russell Christopher, Toby Erkson -- perhaps you can clarify anything I am misunderstanding.


            Certainly, this area can be confusing and the documentation is a bit difficult to follow, in my opinion.

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              Tina Matt

              Matt Lutton, Thanks for your reply.


              The strange problem that I am encountering is even after the permissions as in the attached image, both the 'save' and 'save as' options are available for the user.


              Can you please let me know what I am missing.


              I just want the 'save as' option enabled.


              Thanks for your time.

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                Russell Christopher

                Tina, there are a couple things that need to be considered for everything to work:


                • First, does the user have Web Edit permissions on the workbook. If no, then no "Edit" button appears.
                • Next, does the user have permissions to Publish on the Server. This is a user-based permission and has nothing to do with project-level or workbook level permissions. If the user can't Publish (which they're doing when they click Save or Save As in the browser), then that user won't get Save / Save As buttons even if you've granted correct Download / Web Save As permissions on the Workbook
                • Also, does the user have workbook-level permissions to Download/Web Save As. If not, then No Save / Save As buttons for that workbook.
                • FInally, into which Project can a user save? If you haven't granted a user permissions to save into a particular Project (folder), then it doesn't matter if all the other permissions are set correctly because the user doesn't have any place to STORE their changes. You play with the Project's Write/Web Save permission to take care of this.