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    Show Side Bar Default Setting?

    John Sobczak

      Is there anyway to change the default setting on worksheets to always "show sidebar" or have it checked by default in Tableau 8?  This is frustrating that I have to check it each and every time and I'm not sure why anyone with a desktop version would ever want to open this without the sidebar.  Sorry for my frustration and I'm sure I'm missing some simple step.

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          just make sure show sidebar was selected under window menu.




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            John Sobczak



            I have been selecting this under the window menu.  I think I discovered what the issue is.  In 7 it was called "data window" for worksheets and "dashboard window" for dashboards.  In 8 BOTH have been mapped to a common parameter called "Side Bar" so when you deselect it for dashboard view you are globally changing it for all.  Typically I like to work with my dashboards without the window but always have the window on when in worksheets.  I'm not sure I like this change and if there are any offsetting benefits for having it.