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    Is dynamic axes possible in Tableau ?

    Abhishek Khard

           Hello Everyone ,


      Can we get Dynamic Axes in Tableau 8.0  ?


      Let’s say we have represent 3 variable in a line chart










      And each to be represented in different format , one in % and one in h: m and one in number.


      I used the parameter in the chart but I am missing the format in the axis  when I select different variable.   Like when I select Variable2, the axis to be represented in %

      Is it possible to do it in Tableau ?

      Thanks and Regards,

      Abhishek Khard

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          Abhishek Khard

          Hi Russell Christopher ,


          Hope you are doing well , it's always great to hear from you .


          Can you help me on the above post/query ?


          Appreciate your valuable time and help.



          Thanks and Regards ,

          Abhishek Khard

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            Andrew Hill

            Hey Abhishek,


            Assuming these assumptions:

            You have a parameter that defines what metric to be shown on your chart (via calculated field).

            The metrics shown all have different formats.


            At this point we cannot have a variable format for the calculated field. The best workaround that I have come up with is to drop the parameter itself next to the axis and change the display as values to indicate the format chosen.


            IE. change the display as values in your parameter to Metric1: hh:mm, Metric2:%, Metric3


            Then drop the parameter itself on your axes.


            Not totally ideal, but gets the point across. I feel like to fix this would actually take quite a bit of work as it goes against how metadata is stored in Tdesktop.


            Let me know if you would like more clarification or an example.