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    how to create a tree filter


      I want to create a tree-type of Quick Filter for my customers.  The filters would be created using ever-widening Sets on the same Dimension field in my data.  I need at least 5 levels of filtering in a parent-child arrangement.


      I'm not sure if I need a multiple-level Hierarchy, or if I need a way to offer a tree-view filtering control using the Sets in a parent-child relationship, or if my goal is not even possible.


      Any ideas or questions or critiques are welcome and appreciated.

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          Andrew Ball



          Could you provide an example, perhaps with the sample data, so we can see exactly the sort of thing you want?


          I must admit, I'm a little confused what you are trying to do.


          Possible Solutions:

          1)  tree of quick filters. Do-able, though works properly down to 4 levels only

          2) Hierarchy - again possible, though not with sets. Not a problem though

          3) Potentially the better option is to use actions to filter from one chart to the next, to allow drill down


          However, I am unsure why you want a tree of filters, if the filters are off the same dimension. Widening sets of customers indicates that the lower levels need to include data the top level doesn't - this doesn't work in either a tree or a hierarchy manner.


          I hope you understand why I'm confused, and can clear it up! If you can clarify, I'll see if I can help.





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            Happy to provide more information, and for any ideas, so no problem, and yes it's hard to explain without more specifics.


            For an example I'll use Sales Transactions.  Normally, you would get Sales rows with identifier fields attributing the Sale to different levels in an org structure.  In this case, they can not provide any identifier other than immediate manager of the salesperson.

            Each single Sales row I am provided has only Employee, and Employee Manager.  They have no identifiers for Org, Parent-Org, Grandparent-Org, etc., and there is no way I'll get one anytime soon (assume never).


            So instead I have to manually build a manager-to-org listing, and then org-to-parent-org, etc.

            I'm using the Manager-Name and a pre-built set of associations to decide what Org, Parent-Org, GrandParent-Org, etc., should be used to bucket the Sale.


            I built a Calculated-Field (CF) that creates an Org-Identifier (a CASE statement that uses Sales-Manager to create an Org-identifier in the CF), then I can filter using the CF.

            That works fine if I want my customer to have a clickable list of Orgs to use as a filter.


            But, I would also like them to have the ability to click on higher-levels in the Org structure and see the results.  As an example, I want a feature where they can click on a Grandparent-Org and it automatically selects all the children and grandchildren Orgs.

            If I make this a separate filter from the Org filter it would be very confusing, as they could be in conflict.


            Ideally I would have a tree structure filter, so a customer could make selections at any level in the tree.  If they selected a Grandparent-Org it would automatically select the right children and grandchildren.


            Hopefully that helps, but if you need more info just let me know.

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              Anirban Ghosh

              I also need a similar solution. Any help is appreciated.

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                Susan Kelleghan

                I am looking for a similar solution as well.