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    Integrating tableau with Cognos TM1 cubes

    Philip George



      Is there any way tableau can connect to Cognos TM1 cubes.


      Can we use MDX connector in this case to access Cognos TM1 cubes.



      Philip George

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Phillip --


          We currently do not support TM1 connectivity. You can vote for this feature here, however: http://community.tableau.com/ideas/1214

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            Patrick Spedding

            IBM Cognos Executive Viewer connects to TM1 via the OLE-DB provider:


            IBM Cognos Executive Viewer version 10.1 Information Center


            Therefore, it should be possible for Tableau to provide a generic OLE-DB data source connection dialog which could be used to point to the TM1 OLE-DB provider (this dialog could then also be used to point to the SAS OLE-DB provider). It would essentially be the same connection as is used to connect to Microsoft Analysis Services today.


            Current workarounds include using the TM1 Excel add-in to export the required TM1 data, or create TM1 TI (Turbo-Integrator) ETL scripts to export the TM1 data. There is a Microsoft technology partner in Australia who claim to have written a utility to 'migrate' a TM1 cube into Microsoft Analysis Services, but I'm not sure whether this has been 'packed up' as a product offering.





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              Ian Koegelenberg

              Hi Phillip,


              not sure if your requirement is still relevant given the time lapse, but CarpeDatum has a product called TM1Connect. It simplifies the connectivity issues caused by multidimensional olap tools dramatically.

              You can check it out here:

              TM1Connect - CarpeDatum Consulting Inc.




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                Toby Erkson

                Interesting.  I would like feedback from those who've used this with Tableau Desktop and especially Server (I honestly don't care about it's use with other, non-Tableau products).

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                  Ian Koegelenberg

                  Hi Toby,


                  our mob at Tridant has tested it extensively and are in the process of implementing. Fundamentally TM1Connect has two ways of getting data from IBM Cognos TM1.
                  Batch is simply executing Turbo Integrator (TI) processes to push the data into TM1Connect.
                  On-demand constructs a view which is used as the source.
                  In each of these TM1Connect leverages TM1's caching capability to ensure that there is no compromise on speed. I need to caveat that statement by saying that TM1Connect will not provide a solution for bad cube design. If your cubes are slow, you cannot expect TM1Connect to be responsive.

                  Additional features like caching of dimensions and attributes from IBM Cognos TM1 and caching of Tableau SQL statements all add to the performance of this tool.


                  If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.


                  This is a very exciting tool for us and a big kudos goes out to the CarpeDatum team.

                  I can not wait for a bi-directional connector

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                    Mohammed Mohsin

                    is there any update regards this link??

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                      Jialiang Wang

                      Hi Mohammed,


                      If you are encountering similar difficulties as the original poster; having difficulties connecting IBM PA/TM1 cubes to Tableau, you might like to give TMVGate a try.

                      TMVGate was specifically built to allow users to connect their data in Planning Analytics/TM1 to industry leading BI tools like Tableau .
                      It has a lightweight server based architecture and does not require any software or driver on the client workstation, making it ideal for widespread deployment. TMVGate returns Cube view (private or public) and Dimension Hierarchies data in real time streaming in either the JSON, XML, HTML or CSV (TXT or Pipe) format via a simple HTTP or HTTPS call.
                      The various data streaming formats have been validated with the visualization tools mentioned, without the need for any additional scripting.

                      You can watch the demo videos on our Youtube channel here: [TMVGate] Connecting IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 to Tableau (2018) - YouTube


                      Please send us an email if you'd like a free TMVGate trial we'll get back to you in as soon as possible. Most of our clients don't even require half of the free trial time to get their required results.