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    Color Coding - Columns and Fixing column headers


      Hi All,


      I have the following requirements as attached in the images:


      1) iden image


      As in the attached image I want to place a common header iden and dence in my report.


      This is a fixed header.


      2) Untitled image


      As seen the columns A,B and C are fixed columns.Rest of the columns will have scroll bar and some of the columns are hidden when moved. Now I need to color code the headers as shown. I can color code the A,B,C columns as one color and rest as one more color. But I need all three colours for columns A-R.


      Also for columns T and S. These columns are to be fixed on columns:


      T for N and O

      S for Q and R


      How do I achieve these designs in tableau. When I add columns T and S they do not move with the N,O,Q,R columns.


      Please help with a sample report with color codes requested.