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    Bar and line chart with cube data.

    Sam Bruce

      My end goal is a chart that shows each week of 2012 as an area chart with 2013 weeks overlayed as a bar chart.


      I can do this with my relational database by creating 2 measures and a dual axis chart with multiple mark types.

      Dollars_TY = IF [Year] = 2013 THEN [Dollars] END

      Dollars_LY = IF [Year] = 2012 THEN [Dollars] END


      My problem now is that I am trying to do the same thing using an SSAS cube.  Since I only have the measure Dollars available I am using MDX and creating the Calculated Member:

      Dollars_TY = ([measures].[dollars],[retailer period].[y-q-w].[year].[2013])


      This is returning me the total 2013 dollars for each week.  Is there a better formula I should be using?