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    Calculated Members : MDX datediff

    Laurent Siffert

      I have an SSAS cube as data source. In one dimension we have two dates. I want to build a measure that is the difference between the two dates.

      I have used Calculated Members :

      Start Date : [Dimension 1].[Date 1].CurrentMember.MemberValue

      End Date : [Dimension 1].[Date 2].CurrentMember.MemberValue

      Number of days :



             ,[Measures].[Start Date]


              [Measures].[End Date] + 1



      But "Number of days" is displayed only when Date 1 and Date 2 are on the rows shelf. I want "Number of days" to be aggregated, so I want it to be displayed even when Date 1 and Date 2 are not.


      Where's my mistake ?

      Anyone can help ?