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    Inverting a % of total running sum table calculation


      Hi there,


      In my analysis I have used a "% of total running sum" table calculation built up via using a calculation type of "running total" summarzing values using Sum across the table, followed by "performing a secondary calculation on the result" consisting of "percent of total".


      This means I can see that for example up to 15% of my records happen by month one, 30% by month 2 etc.


      However I need to present this in terms of how many records DON'T happen in month 1, 2 etc. i.e. instead of the values running 15%, 30% etc. I want it to show 85%, 70% etc. inverting the curve (like a decay curve). In Excel you would do this by charting 1-[the value]


      I hope this explanation makes sense, or perhaps the picture below helps!



      I can't figure out how to do this. I tried "customize" the table calculation but the dialog box says that is not supported.


      Most grateful for any help on this! It seems like it would be simple but I am clearly missing some obvious useful option or simple calculation here...I have to use Powerpivot as my datasource, and Tableau 8.02 if it makes a difference.

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          Managed to eventually solve it...and here's the answer in case anyone else ever has anything similar.


          Instead of going through the table calculation menu, insted create a normal custom measure.

          Use a formula like this:


          1-(RUNNING_SUM( [Count of distinct customers] )/ TOTAL([Count of distinct customers]))

          and format as a percentage.


          At least it seems to work in the few examples I tested!