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    User & Group Subscriptions

    Mike Johnson



      I'm new to Tableau Desktop & Server.  I am trying to figure out the best way to setup a subscription for a group so that it is easier to manage.  I have imported an Active Directory group into Tableau and can also setup subscriptions for my own account, but I don't currently see how I can manually add other users or a group to a subscription.  As the Systems Administrator, this will be one of the tasks I'll be asked to perform on a regular basis.


      Is it possible to do, or will each user have to subscribe themselves?




      Mike Johnson

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          Right now, this is not an available feature through Tableau Server 8 subscriptions. Vote for it to become one here:




          A workaround I discovered, and is recommended by Tableau via the knowledge base, is to download febootimail command line emailer and use tabcmd. There, you can specify to whom you want the email to go (beit a google group distribution list or a real email address) so long as you have a valid smtp server account to send mail from. Here's the kb article on how to script it. Once written, save the script as a batch file and automate it using windows task scheduler. If you have a bunch of dashboards you'd like to have to force subscriptions for, I'd recommend making sure you have the space on your Tableau server to create the PNGs or PDFs of the subscribed views during run and make sure to delete them on completion.


          Using Tabcmd | Tableau Software