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    So, how many of "you" are there?

    Toby Erkson

      Don't know what prompted it or how I got here (I really need to cut back on my Oxycodone and Miller Lite intake) but there's four of me here in Tableau forum country (see attached document containing screen shots).


      • toby.erkson.0 is my normal login persona (?) for posting here, like I'm doing right now.

      • toby.erkson is my login for the company I work for as I'm an admin for them.  I only use this for getting licensing info, keys, support tickets, etc.

      • tobyerkson and tobyerkson0 must be from when I was working at another company but I don't remember having two separate accounts as I was a full-time employee back then.  These can be deleted if anyone is listening <ahem>...


      Is this how a Borg feels?  Who am we?