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    if/then statements, sorting into categories

    Christy Rogers

      If I wrote this:


      if [ value] <= 60 then 1



              if [ value] > 60 then if [ value] < 160 then 2








      Does "then 1" mean that you add one to something.  In my data i have ~20 values/minute (w/ diff time stamps hh:mm:ss) If the sum for the values for the minute is less than, say, 60 then I want to give myself 1 point for that minute.  Should I put SUM(value) or just [value]?  If the sum for the values is between 60-160 then I want 2 points for that minute.  And if the sum for the values for the minute is above 160 then I want 3 points for that minute.   So in a day there are X minutes and each of those minutes I get either 1, 2, or 3 points. Then add the total for the score for the day.   Is that the code that I wrote above? maybe partially... I'm pretty sure it's not complete.


      I really appreciate your help.