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    Custom Sql Dynamic Parameters Not Changing View

    Jeff Pressman

      Using tableau Server 8 with trusted tickets and views embedded into a .Net web app using dynamic JavaScript.


      The data source is custom SQL that uses parameters to pass values to a table valued function. When I run the view within desktop with different parameters I get the expected results. When I access the view via URL and pass the parameters via query string I also get the expected results.


      When I access the view from the .Net app I only see the results for the default parameter values despite the parameters changing in the embedded JS. It is as if the default parameters are cached. On rare occasions I've been able to get the changed parameters to flow by clicking the 'Refresh data for this view' button on the view itself but this seems to be inconsistent.


      I do have caching set server side to 'Refresh Less Often' could this be the culprit?