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    How can I set up  user checking multiple select boxes flag another quick filter with an icon noting the 'multiple select' criteria has been met?

    JohnMichael Tota

      How do you dynamically flag quick filter fields with text or an image saying 'Criteria Met' based on the selections of another multiple select box? It wouldn't be filtering the results, just allowing the user to see where their selected criteria has been met.


      For example, if you are building a 'car selection site' and you wanted the allow the user to check off multiple criteria (i.e.,18" rims, V8, 4 door)


      and then a second selection tool would show all the car models as a 'multiple select' but would flag the car models with 'criteria met' if the user checked V8 AND 4door. (this second selection tool car models would not be filtered, all the car models would always be shown, just flagged with 'Criteria Met' icons or text, because it would ultimately be up to the user to select the car models)


      Is there a way to do this using calculation filters? 

      Is the only alternative to build the flagged criteria in javascript, and use Tableau's javascript API?