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    Server error (500 Internal Server Error) when publishing with external WMS map source

    Frank Deutschmann

      Hi all,

      Thought I would post this as it took me a while to track down the problem:


      When publishing a workbook that has a sheet which uses a custom WMS map source, I repeatedly got a server error (500: internal server error).  No further details were available, so I was left guessing what was wrong; I had only made a small change to one sheet prior to re-publishing.


      Turned out that the problem was that the WMS link had gone down; the WMS site was no longer available.  On fixing the WMS link, the workbook published without problem.  It's unfortunate that Tableau didn't point this out as the problem, would have saved me a bunch of time, as I didn't think to check every tab published from this large workbook!


      (The refrenced WMS source was the FEMA flood zone map source; on Monday FEMA switched to a new WMS service with lots of change / improvement.  But unfortunately this was a zero-day flip over: they launched the new server and simultaneously deactivated the old service!)


      Moral of the story: if you get 500 errors, check your WMS sources and check every tab to verify they all work.