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      I like to have a row with average instead of a row with Grand Total.

      See picture & packaged workbook.












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          Robin Kennedy

          Hi Bart,


          A quick and easy way to do this would be to combine two views onto a single dashboard so they're next to each other.


          There are other solutions but they're quite complex to implement -- there are some great ideas, courtesy of Mr Jonathan Drummey, here: Customizing Grand Totals – Part 1 | Drawing with Numbers

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            Robin Thanks,


            Unfortunately, to hear that this is not easy to accomplish in Tableau but great idea to combine two views!



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              Kris Erickson

              So I put Sales per Year in one dashboard.  Next I made a custom calculation for average and placed it in a 2nd sheet.

              (I used this calculation: sum([Sales])/COUNTD(YEAR([Order Date]) )


              Then I made a dashboard and placed the 2 tabs in it.  It is acceptable and quick:


              The blue line will dissapear when not hovered over, but I have it there to show you how close you can get the sections using the tiled approach.  This seems like the quickest way to get a Grand Average.

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                Tracy Rodgers

                Hi Bart,


                Your Calculation1 looks good for getting the desired outcome for Aandeel. ketels warmte [Gj]. Place MONTH(Maand (copy)) on the level of detail shelf. Then, right click on Calculation1 on the measure values card and select Compute Using...>Maand (copy). Finally, right click on Calculation1 in the data box and select Default Properties>Number Format... and select Number (Custom) and change the number of decimal places to 3.


                Create calculated fields similar for the other two calculations.


                Hope this helps!



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                  Thanks Tracy,


                  I do understand the formule but i dont understand how i can combine the packaged workbook  with the AVG in one worksheet?