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    Usability problem on dual axis map

    Stuardo Herrera

      Hi everyone! I made this Dual Axis Map:


      Workbook: Map Filter Action with Existing Agg


      On one axis I am using a Filled Map to color "States" and on the other one I am using a Symbol Map, using circles as marks, to show "Cities".


      The problem is that when a user clicks on a "State" layer, it hides the "Cities" of that State.


      state1.PNG.png State2.PNG.png

      Is there a way to "lock" a map layer to stay on the back? Or there is a way to tell the map not to highlight what is being selected?


      Any help is appreciated.


      - Stuardo

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          Jim Wahl

          Hi Stuardo,


          I'm curious if you figured out how to disable the selection color?

          The only thing I could think of is to convert the map to a background image, which will "lock it."

          See attched. To get this, I

          1) removed the cities from your map

          2) exported the map to a JPG, which will later be used as a background image

          3) crated a test_lat_long.xls file to determine the lat/long coordinates of the map.

          4) added the saved map image as a background image with these coordinates (Map > Background Images > Hoja.xls > Add)

          5) crated a new sheet with City level of detail and lat/long(generated) fields, but disabled the background map (Map > Background map > none) to show the background image.

          This isn't very convenient, unless it's a single map you're working with.

          Allan Walker does a lot of work with maps and may have some ideas.


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            Allan Walker

            Hi Stuardo,


            I see another problem here:


            Issue with Filled Maps.png


            This won't answer your problem Stuardo, but the fill isn't "filling" the data area!


            Maybe use Tiger US States as a shapefile background image, and use city as the lowest level of detail, unless you have data at the state level as a roll-up.


            Best Regards,