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    Pass multiple action filters from one dashboard to another

    Robert King

      I am having an issue with action filters.


      With a bit of tweaking I've got multiple filters working on one dashboard as I would like, but what I'm now looking to achieve is being able to click through to a detailed text table breaking down the mark selected.


      What is currently happening is that only the filter applied directly to the sheet from which the click through was originated is being passed to the detailed text table.


      I've attached a workbook which replicates my issue with the demo data.


      As an example of my issue if (from the dashboard) I select a month (say December) from the top right bar chart and then a category from the text table below (say Tables) it filters all the sheets on the dashboard to show the combined effect of the two action filters (in this case the 2013 December Tables sales are $176,336). What I then want is for the 'View Detail' action filter to pass both of these action filters (or more if others are selected) to the detailed text table so that the total agrees to the mark selected. i.e. selecting 'View details from the December 2013 Bar should lead to a text table totalling $176,336 (as per the label above it when both action filters are selected). However what currently happens if I do this is that the detailed text table shows a total of $1,173,264 if selected from the December 2013 bar or $1,174,831 if selected from the 2013 Tables mark, in both cases not taking account of the action filter applied from the other sheet.


      This is driving me nuts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks in advance, Rob