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    Filter from one data source to another?

    Bryan Jones

      I'm trying to figure out if its possible to take results from data source A and use those as a filter on data source B. My real data is too large to post here so I made a very small workbook that has the same structure with everything else stripped out to give the idea.


      In my example workbook, what I'd like to do is find the top two stores in terms of sales to customers who later took a survey on customer service for any given day (that part I'm OK on). What I need to do then is, for those two stores on that particular day, show some data out of our operations database. That's where I'm having trouble. If Detroit and Seoul are our top sales stores for August 23, how do I apply that as a filter on any worksheets using the ops file?


      The real datasets are much, much larger (hundreds of millions of rows each) and go through a bunch of pre-processing to get them to where we pull them in here. We thought about doing some crazy unioning to get a total sales figure into the ops data but...the survey data can come in at any time (e.g., you could fill out a survey tomorrow for a visit last November) while the ops data is buttoned up daily and doesn't change - going back and constantly recalculating the ops file with the sales jammed in it isn't going to work.


      Is there something obvious I'm not thinking of that would make this simple?