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    Importing mapfiles

    Brian Cooper

      I only have MapInfo as my gis, I would like to use specific Australian Geographies, but do not have ARC info as software to convert the shapefiles, I am able to generate the shape polygons in mapinfo, but not the LAT LONG outline capacity. Is there a tool that will allow me to undertake this task.

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          Richard Leeke

          I wrote a couple of utilities that let you use shapes to draw polygons in Tableau in two ways (one using a supported approach in Tableau, the other is a bit of a hack). Both of those use an open source component which supports a whole lot of different file formats, including MapInfo. I think I even tested both of my tools with MapInfo format.


          The instructions are in this Viz Talk thread. There is also a getting started article on Robert Mindigl's Clearly and Simply blog.

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            Hector Ramos



            From Mapinfo you can select the region you want and then go to the Table menu and export as a .MIF file.  You can then right click on the file an open it in MS Excel and grab the Lat and Long.  Try it with the USA.Tab file from Mapinfo and pick a large state so you can try it out. 



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              Allan Walker

              Hi Brian,


              You have a couple of options now with Tableau, paid for; and open source. 


              If you are analyzing your shape files,  then Richard's tool is excellent.


              You can also use a mix of Quantum GIS, Postgres SQL with an instance of PostGIS (as an alternative to ESRI) to import and analyse the shapefiles.


              If you want the shapes as a background image, then you can install Geoserver (or you could ask here) and host these. Geoserver can also publish PostGIS tables.  The shapefiles would need to be styled...I use AtlasStyler for this.


              Siebe Bosch has successfully used Map Window, and has some code that does a similar job to Richards.


              I haven't attempted Hector's solution, it maybe more elegant that the others?


              The other service is to use urbanmapping.com, Tableau's third party mapping solution, they are able to host the shapefiles for you, but this is a paid for service. 


              Best Regards,