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    Calculate % Point Difference from two worksheets, same data source

    . Rmi03

      I have two worksheets on a dashboard.  One worksheet is for a city and the other is for the state.  Each worksheet is looking at the same information.  Distribution of the population by age.  As an example, the city % distribution of 50+ year olds is 40%.  For the state, it's only 20%.  The city is 20 ppt higher.


      My question is can you create a calculated field to show the 20 ppt difference on one of the two worksheets are on a third worksheet? 


      I tried to build one worksheet with both city and state but was unsuccessful.  My requirement is that I have several cities with different states that I need to be able to do this for and to view the city/state one at a time on the dashboard. Using a city and state filter is what I am thinking.