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    Is there a way to map Latitude and Longitude kept in my database ONLY WHEN the city is not recognised by Tableau?

    Dana Withers

      I am mapping locations across the world. Some are in cities that Tableau considers too small to be plotted, so it cannot generate a Latitude and Longitude. However most are just fine and I trust Tableau's lat and long more than what our users find manually.


      I've been trying to get a calculation that can see if Tableau can generate a Lat/Long and if not, return the Lat/Long from our database. However the generated Lat/Long cannot be used in any calculations? Is there any way that I can tell Tableau when to use which Lat/Long?


      I know there is a way to enter the Lat/Long manually using edit locations, but that is specific to the connection and is not an answer for me.


      Any advice, tips and hints are welcome!

      Thanks !