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    Show growth of a MySQL table over time?

    D C

      Hi, I'm kind of new to databases (and very new to tableau)


      I'd like to use tableau to show the growth (# of rows) in a MySQL table over time


      How would you do this? Of course, connecting to the database table will only show me its current size


      Thank you

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          Shawn Wallwork

          A couple of things to realize about Tableau:


          1. Bringing data into Tableau tends to be a snapshot in time of your data
          2. Generally Tableau doesn't 'generate' data, it visually displays it


          Having said that, if you have a field (or table) in your database that tracks the # of rows each day overtime then Tableau can easily display this field/table. (See 1)


          There might be some sort of contorted way of connecting to your data back through time and sussing out the numbers you're looking for, but the overhead/time will be expensive.



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            Robin Kennedy

            Does your table have a 'created date' column or something similar?


            If so you could quite easily make a graph or tablbe of number of records by date, and then turn it into a running total to see how the table grows.


            This assumes there were no row deletes though!